Last Attempt. Damn Lightning.

bya Gabrielle at 11:17 PM

Remember how I talked about how things sometimes run in threes? Well, it seems that blogging does not lay outside the bounds of that curse. Last night I tried to write the very post you are reading. I’ll admit that I was stupid. There was a big storm outside.  It was lightening and thundering like mad, but I was determined to get something posted even if it meant ruining the chance of having my pretty, purple computer electrocuted.(Yes, my computer really is purple. Thanks, Phil.)

Like I said, I was being stupid. My first attempt was cut short when, surprise, the power went out. My house was swallowed by darkness. When the power came back on 3 seconds later, it didn’t matter. My computer had shut off and all my work had been lost. That should have been when I decided to postpone my entry, but I tried again. Stupid me. On my second attempt, things appeared to me going smoothly. But just as I got to the bulk of my post, surprise, the power went out again. Another dose of darkness invaded my house. It was enough to make me scream. Once again my progress had been obliterated – tossed out the window. I can’t figure out why I hadn’t saved my progress. Stupidity it seems is never ending and does not run in threes. Shucks for me, I guess.

Round Three. I thought if I could just wait until the worst of the storm had passed, I could get my entry up and running. I waited 10 minutes. No power outage. Not even a flicker. Everything seemed to be alright, so I attempted to try posting my blog just one last time. And things went really well, for about ten minutes. And then it happened.

Flash, boom, boom, power out.

Everything. Gone. Again. No lights. Nothing. Just pure, utter, creepy darkness. “DAMNIT!” I screamed. I could almost picture the storm rolling with laughter in the sky above my bedroom. It didn’t matter that the power came back on almost as soon as it had gone off. I was done. I was throwing in the towel. The storm had won. It was time to go to bed. And that is what I did. Right after I reset the blinking 12:00 on my alarm clock for the third flippin time.

Since my alarm clock went off at 6:30 the next morning like it was supposed to, it appears the power stayed on the rest of the night. Go figure.

But what I wanted to say before the ever beautiful summer storm had claimed its victory over my attempt to post a very simple blog was this . . . And I swear, if my power goes out again, I am going to beat the living crap out of the next thunder head I see and wrestle some lightening to the ground.

I just wanted to share some cool lyrics that expressed how I feel in a lot of ways. They come from Jewel’s new album – Goodbye Alice in Wonderland. You should check it you. It is a little different from her earlier stuff, but still good nonetheless.

And growing up is not the absence of dreaming
It’s being able to understand the difference between
The ones you can hold and the ones that you’ve been sold
Dreaming is a good thing
Cause it brings new things to life
Pretending is an ending
That perpetuates a lie
Forgetting what you are
Seeing for what you’ve been told

Truth is stranger than fiction
This is my chance to get it right
and life is much better
Without all of those pretty lies

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