Some More Roswell Tourist Attraction Crap

bya Gabrielle at 4:53 AM

And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Wal-Mart has taken this Alien Crash of 1947 a little far, I think. You can’t even go inside the doors without having an Alien jump out at you with the weekly sales circular clinched in his fist. I’m just kidding about that, but I bet you if I suggested the Wal-Mart greeter be an Alien, they would undoubtedly make it happen. Let’s glance at a few other pictures I took on my visit to the great Wally World.

That is just a close up of the last pictures, but in order to fully appreciate the art work, you have to get up close and personal to it. I wonder how long it will be before it begins to chip away and if they will continue to keep it looking nice or let it go. Since Aliens are the only reason anyone of a sound mind comes to Roswell, I imagine that they will keep it up for the sake of tourists. And I also wondered who got paid to paint Aliens all over Wal-Mart. What a great job.

The exit sign
picture is rather awful,
but I was walking by it and didn’t feel like stopping to line everything up. So, I’m lazy. Sue me.

I really believe that behind this wall mural of a mother ship is the remains of the UFO crash that occurred in 1947. I mean, who would really look behind a brick mural for clues. That only happens in movies, right? By saying that, I do not recommend that you go chisel away to find out whether my brilliant idea is true or not. I don’t want anyone going to jail on my account. I would simply never forgive myself or sleep well.

You know, after seeing all these paintings on Wal-Mart, I am a bit jealous. I mean, the only thing my Wal-Mart has written on it is – We Sell For Less, Deli, Produce and some other words that I never really pay attention to. Too bad nothing cool has happened in Columbia. I guess I could suggest a mural of me . . . I’m just kidding . . . really, I am. The bricks that make up Wal-Mart might all jump off and run away if that were to happen.

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