Johnny Cash at Sheppard AFB 1967

bya Gabrielle at 3:41 AM

Here is an old picture for you.

I was going through my Dad’s pictures on his computer looking for some blogging material since I have used almost all of the good ones from my collection of photographs. It is amazing what you can find out about your parent’s lives by going through their old slides. I had never known that my Dad had ever been in the presence of Johnny Cash, let alone close enough to take a pretty good picture of the man. Apparently, Mr. Cash came to Sheppard AFB where my Dad was stationed. Here is the kicker, though. Mr. Cash was being more than nice and giving his adoring fans his autograph. But did my Dad get one? No. Did he at least ask? No. At least my Dad says he doesn’t remember getting his autograph and if he did, God only knows where in the world it went. It is enough to make you hit your head on a wooden table.

I don’t believe I have ever been in the presence of someone famous. But I know if were to be, the first thing, well maybe at least the second thing I do would be to ask – May I please have your autograph!!?? The first thing would be something along the lines of – I love your work. Fans can be such idiots sometime.

My Dad did something similar in the year 1974. My Dad was working for the radio station WKEU in Griffin, GA when Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run. Because my Dad was working for this radio station he was allowed to be at the press conference after the game. Well, if my Dad took pictures of that evening, I have never seen them, and once again, even though he was practically on the first row, he didn’t get his autograph(“They wouldn’t let anyone near him!! My Dad protests.) But he did happen to record the press conference, and that’s pretty cool. But an autograph would have been awesome. Again, it makes you want to hit your head on a wooden table. Really, really hard.

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