An Alien Encounter

bya Gabrielle at 11:45 PM

There are many eyes peering up to the night sky looking for a glimpse of the Truth. The truth that aliens do indeed exist. According to the once very popular tv show, The X-Files, The Truth Is Out There. That is what it said in the opening credits of each show. And who could forget the famous poster that Agent Mulder hung on his office wall. Believe it said. Believe. Believe. Believe. Well, I have two things to tell you. The truth is out there and you should definitely believe.

I, Maniac Gone Awry, have proof. Not only do I know that they exist, but I know who brought them here. I know where they work. And I know where they live. Ok, alright, I don’t know where they live, but I’m sure with out much research I could figure that out, too. And I am even more sure that you would be shocked to discover that you live next to one. But if you like, I won’t tell you if you are.

My first item of proof is this picture. Aliens are acrobatic creatures.

My second item of proof is this picture. It seems they like to frequent the bus stop.

My third order of business: They have craftily created their own coffee shop. It is just a scheme to take over our minds! No American can resist coffee.

The brainwashing coffee has paid off. They’ve even convinced McDonald’s to shape themselves like the mother ship that dropped them off. It even glows red at night.

Another picture that proves aliens are among us. They think this is funny – making the street lights look like them.

And now for the biggest surprise of the century. I can tell you who employs these pesky little aliens. Who would have thunk it? Well, there you are. The Truth. Pictures don’t lie ladies and gentlemen. If you don’t believe me you can come visit the Land of Enchantment. All you have to do is go to the middle of nowhere – Roswell. And if you don’t come for a visit – they just may come visit you. They are always looking for new abductees!

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