Remembering Hell

bya Gabrielle at 6:04 AM

Ah, the good ole days. Or not.

I don’t think there ever was a day I enjoyed partaking in my expensive education at the University of Hell. Or at least not consecutive days in which I thought I was getting anything out of the never ending “blah blah blah”.

But I can look back on it now and laugh. Was the 4 1/2 years worth it? No. Not in the educational sense. Did I meet some cool people? Yes and no. Did I get anything out of it? Yeah, I found Jenny, my inner demon. Would I do it again? Probably. Why the hell would I do that? Because college is a necessary step in most of our lives. I wouldn’t call it important. No, that is a little extreme, but I think necessary fits nicely. It is just another stepping stone. A slippery one that usually leaves us on our buttocks, but at least it leaves us some where. Hopefully, not poor. Hopefully, more well rounded and wise. Hopefully, the experience leads us to our compass and true north. But if the world is always spinning, and we keep moving north – do we ever find happiness; an end?

Where is my diploma? Sitting between a wall and my dresser, still in the envelope it came in. Am I poor? Not yet, but it’s coming. Am I a well rounded and wise woman of 24, almost 25? God, I don’t even know. That’s not for me to know or to decide. And my true north? It is some where over the horizon, some where beyond that hill, some where beneath that star that I wish upon each night.

I thought Hell was over. But life has only just begun.

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