A Pirate Sets Sail

bya Gabrielle at 3:48 PM

Pirate Sets SailAnd the sole pirate sets sail to the land of the Mysterious and Misplaced. Not knowing the hardships he must face, nor the challenges of the land, without distress, nor fear, he treaded into troublesome waters. He arrived at the land in dismay, but content. He looked at his surroundings: the grey-blue water that encompassed him, the alluring land that lay in front, the mountains sitting hauntingly in the distance, and the sandy floor that stood beneath him. He gazed at the sand, and the intricate pieces of rock destroyed by the ever waking sea. Beside of him he picked up a small twig, and with grace wrote the reason for why he has traveled….


-You have been plundered by Captain Phil… savvy?

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