Japanese War Plant Takes Charge

bya Gabrielle at 6:47 PM

It is popular belief, or rather a popular fact, that Kudzu was a gift from the Japanese to stop erosion, but as you can clearly see here, the Japanese simply had a long term plan. One of my sources said it went something like this:

“The American’s are far too lazy, and stupid – the Kudzu will get them eventually – and when it does – America is ours.” [Insert Insane Laughter]

Or maybe, just maybe, it is just nature slowly exacting its toll, one poor bench at a time. As you can tell, the pretty bench is losing the battle to the forever feared Japanese War Plant – Kudzu.

Word to the wise – don’t sit anywhere too long or else the Kudzu will creep up behind you and take its wicked revenge out on your sad, poor soul.

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