Fences Make Good Neighbors

bya Gabrielle at 3:23 AM

In a valiant attempt to create world peace, Chief Keppezoff of the Green Grass Glades tribe spoke loudly unto his people,(for they were fighting among themselves at said given moment), “When all else fails – build fence!”

The tribesmen, startled by such insight and wisdom, dropped their pick axes, walked into the forest that they could not see for the trees, and proceeded to collect the timber that would undoubtedly fix all their and the world’s problems.

And we all know why of course. Fences Make Good Neighbors. At least according to the famed Robert Frost they do. But as Chief Keppezoff later told me, it was him that gave Frost the idea that later turned into the poem we’ve all heard a gazillion times. How Frost ever came across Chief Keppezoff is beyond me. I guess poets just like to walk.

Well, as you can imagine, thinking all of this such a novel idea, I just had to travel and meet with this great Chiefton, and find out if he had any other phrases of wisdom to share with the world. As you can tell by looking out your window, (Go ahead, take a peek.) the world is in some need of some help.

After arriving, and going through all of the welcome ceremonies (it took 5 days) the Chiefton and I sat down and had a little chat.

Chief Keppezoff: World peace not yet solved.
Maniac Gone Awry: No. Not yet, sir.
CK: I have better idea.
MGA: What is that, sir?
CK: Trees!
MGA: Trees, sir?
CK: Trees stop violence! Make people happy!

And as you can expect, at that great burst of insight and wisdom, all the tribesmen ceased the building of their millionth fence and began preparing the soil for the forest they had long since harvested and could no longer see.

Morale of the story you ask?

Get lost in a forest, and you will die a happy man or woman?

Your guess is a good as mine.

I just interview the crazy loons. Don’t shoot the writer.

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