Going to the Jungle Mon

bya Gabrielle at 3:11 PM

As I was tromping through the rain forest in Costa Rica last week, I came upon this very beautiful snake. Luckily, being fluent in Snake after my 4 year stint in the University of Hell, we were able to have quite a chat. I sat down under his tree and poured us both a glass of tea.

Maniac Gone Awry: So, what’s going on, Mr. Snake?
Snake: Nuttin much, just hanging around mon.
MGA: Do you always speak in a Jamaican accent?
Snake: As a matter a fact I do. That be where I from.
MGA: Well, how in the world did you end up here?
Snake: Hopped aboard a sailing ship, I did. Brought along my family for some travelin.
MGA: So you are just here on vacation?
Snake: Sure be! Beautiful ain’t it?
MGA: Very beautiful indeed. May I meet your family?
Snake: No, no, mon. They a shy bunch. Don’t like meetin no stranger you know.
MGA: I understand. So where will you be going next?
Snake: Can’t say I know. Maybe Brazil. Africa. Where you from, mon?
MGA: Columbia, South Carolina.
Snake: Can I hitch a ride with ya?
MGA: I’d say sure, but the only place for you would be the Zoo.
Snake: The ZOO???!!! Why I NEVER!!

And that was pretty much how our conversation ended. Mr. Snake was too worked up, couldn’t talk no more, so he slithered away. And I never met his wonderful family.

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Planet Zurgolopia

bya Gabrielle at 3:50 AM

Reporting from Planet Zurgolopia

98% percent of Zurgolopians agree that purple is by far the coolest color in the whole wide world. The other 2% were reported to be sadly color blind. However, they were also reported saying that if they could discern the different colors, they were sure that purple would be their favorite color besides gray, grey, and well, gray.

The cool Zurgolopian glasses were a gift from Sygoat Tymesean, and happen to be a current fad. All the kids love it!! Don’t you??

And for all you wondering about the weather this time a year – well, it’s absolutely fabulous!! Book your vacation today by contacting your local Planet Tourist Office.

Reporting from Planet Zurgolopia
This is a Maniac Gone Awry

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